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Whether you are individual investor of Dubai Financial Market or Brokerage company registered with Dubai Fianncial market, Give your clients a advantage to use professional Analysis by providing flexi Analysis research services .
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Get Technical Analysis of all the listed companeis of Dubai Financial market, through our state of art web application and through email. Get notified instantly if there's any change in prediction.
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Flexi Analysis's stock analysis report is a unique resource, providing independent equity investment ideas to an exclusive group of some of the world's leading institutions, individual investors and institutional investors.
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Daily report on factors affecting the economic activity,.
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Get specific trading recommendation of all most traded stock in Dubai Financial market. Get notified through email about the entry point and target levels. designed for beginner traders.
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Interseting Facts
Dubai Financial Market’s (DFM) vision is to be the world class regional marketplace which aims to provide stakeholders with innovative services in conducting trading, clearing, settlement and depository of securities, in an efficient, transparent and liquid environment.
Market Cap
No of listings
  • Total Volume163,279,285
  • Total value trades277,755,547.67
  • Total Trades5000

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