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Basic Priniciples of Technical Analysis
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1 - The market takes everything into account:
Technical Analysis starts from a simple financial principle: at a given moment in time (“T”), the price of a financial instrument accurately reflects all the information available on that instrument, i.e., its entire history. If the market is sufficiently liquid, it is possible to use previous price changes to determine the most likely future changes.

2 - Trend is an essential concept: following a trend means sticking to the direction of the market at a given moment.

3 - Price is the result of the power struggle between buyers and sellers. Evaluating the majority opinion allows to act efficiently on the markets.

4 - Prices reflect market psychology
Psychological effects can prove to be just as important as purely fundamental considerations. Different opinions can be formed, even when relating to similar information. It is on this very principle that prices are determined, and reflect a market consensus between buying and selling positions.
Technical Analysis does not aim to determine the precise reasons for price moves but rather to measure the evolution of prices and, if possible, to determine their likely future behavior.
This approach thus allows to better understand the operators’ psychology.

5 - History repeats itself ─ past configurations stick to the minds of stakeholders and will tend to be repeated in the future.

6 - The market is sometimes irrational ─ the operators’ emotional reactions sometimes produce exaggerations ─ the stakeholders’ fears as well as their hopes play an important role that fundamental analysis does not take into consideration. Technical Analysis is an essential tool for integrating this psychological dimension on the markets.
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