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use Technical Analysis to build investment strategies
Technical Analysis is a decision-making tool that allows
- Confirm an opinion
- Identify investment opportunities
- Manage financial market risk and set key actionable levels

Technical Analysis applies to all listed financial instruments (equities, indices, currencies, commodities, interest rate products) provided that a sufficient transaction volume (liquidity) allows for a relevant analysis. This involves observing previous market movements and determining price trends in order to try and anticipate and monitor future movements.

It allows you to establish a risk management strategy and to build an investment strategy based on prices and market psychology. See the principles of Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis is very well suited to Forex trading and high-volatility products in general.

How do I use Flexi Analysis’s technical analysis?

Flexi Analysis analyses indicate the opinion of our analysts at a given moment. They always consist of a chart image and text comments, which provide useful key levels for a potential action strategy. The decision to invest (or not to invest) is always that of the investor, depending on the risk that he or she is ready to take and willing to assume. Flexi Analysis’s analyses are intended to assist the investor in his or her approach.

Please be aware that our analyses reflect our opinion at a given moment; they are not personal advice tailored to your own situation and the level of risk that you would accept on the market. They are intended to help you form your own judgment, not as a substitute for your own thought process.
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